Samsung trademarks ‘Voice Note’ in South Korea

Samsung has filed for a trademark for “Samsung Voice Note” with KIPRIS, South Korea’s Intellectual Property Rights Information Service. It’s unclear, however, what exactly the firm is working on, though the documentation reveals it’s a piece of “computer software that enables users to record audio.”

We think it’s safe to say it’s a mobile application—but is it an entirely new one or an update for Samsung’s existing Sound Recorder? We aren’t sure. There’s a chance it could be the latter though, as it would allow the company to unify its application names, bringing Sound Recorder in line with Samsung Notes.

Sound Recorder → Voice Note?

Before Samsung rushes to rebrand Sound Recorder as Voice Note, if that’s what it’s planning to do, it ought to consider how its decision could affect older customers. They may, for example, struggle to find the new Voice Note application, especially if they’ve been using Sound Recorder for a long time.

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