Galaxy A7 (2018) release near as it sails through the FCC

We’ve been seeing a lot of reports about the Galaxy A5 (2018) and Galaxy A7 (2018) recently. Samsung is expected to unveil its new Galaxy A (2018) series in a couple of months. It appears that the Galaxy A7 (2018) release may not be that far off, given that the device has now sailed through the FCC.

Samsung announced the Galaxy A (2017) series in January earlier this year. It’s likely that the successor might also be unveiled in January. It won’t be a long wait given that it’s just a couple of months away.

Galaxy A7 (2018) release

We’ve previously reported that the Galaxy A7 (2018) is going to be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 7885 processor. It’s the 10nm version of the Exynos 7880. We can expect a performance bump with increased battery efficiency. The Galaxy A5 and A7 (2018) will both feature an Infinity Display as well.

It also was confirmed recently that the Exynos 7885 will support Bluetooth 5.0. This means that Bluetooth 5.0 is coming to Samsung’s mid-range lineup. The Galaxy S8 flagship was actually the first smartphone on the market this year with Bluetooth 5.0.

We’ve spotted the FCC listing for the Galaxy A7 (2018) today. The filing for SM-A730F has sailed through the Federal Communications Commission. This step is normally taken as an indication of an impending launch, even though it’s not an explicit confirmation of anything.

The Galaxy A3 (2018) has been missing from recent reports about the upcoming series. Whether or not the base model will be axed from the new lineup remains to be seen.


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What about Price??


Considering the price of the A3 and the downgraded specs you get with it – except the IP68 rating in the most recent series. It really isn’t worth the price when you look at other OEMs. it was over £300 when it went on sale here. I think you could get a decent Moto for that price