Samsung Pay in India adds 1 million users in a month

Samsung’s mobile payments service has really taken off in India. The company has confirmed that Samsung Pay in India has added over 1 million new users in just over a month. India is one of the top three markets globally for Samsung Pay, the service has been rolled out in 20 markets so far. South Korea and Russia are the top two markets for Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay was launched in India earlier this year. It was initially supported on 10 models and has since been expanded to 26 Samsung handsets. The mobile payments service is supported on devices like the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy J7 Max, Galaxy J7 Pro and others.

Samsung Pay In India

Samsung is already the undisputed leader in the Indian smartphone market. The company announced on September 12 that it had 1.5 million users of Samsung Pay in India. In just over a month, the company has added an additional 1 million Samsung Pay users in the country.

“The user growth has been significant,” said Sanjay Razdan, the Director Commercialization Group (Product Planning) at Samsung India.

Razdan mentioned that Samsung has 17 partners on board, including 10 banks, for its mobile payments service. It’s in talks with additional banks that might end up supporting Samsung Pay in the future.


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Indeed. When using it is such a breeze and it offers so much in terms of cashback, who wouldn’t use it?
It’s one thing that has kept me going with samsung. I’ve a habit of forgetting my wallet in car and Samsung pay has saved my ass a lot in such scenarios.


Still waiting on a UK Major bank to join Samsung Pay, but I have heard its never gonna happen… so annoyed.


It added 1 million OK , where is Samsung pay for Gear s3 ? Now that they removed it from website will it get Samsung pay ?