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Galaxy Note 8 Tip: Hover S Pen to scroll in apps

This is a Galaxy Note 8 feature that some of you might not have discovered yet, particularly those who are new to the Note family. It’s possible to use the S Pen to scroll in apps. It’s just one of those features that you get the most out of your Galaxy Note experience.

We’ve already covered many Galaxy Note 8 Tips & Tricks extensively to help you take full advantage of all the features that your new phablet offers. If you tend to use the S Pen frequently you might also want to learn how to customize the Air Command menu on the Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8 Tip: Scrolling With the S Pen

It’s pretty easy to take advantage of this feature. Simply hover the S Pen at the top or bottom of the display when you want to scroll up or down.

Do keep in mind that this feature doesn’t work in all third-party apps. It works in Samsung Internet but not in Chrome. It also works in WhatsApp but not in Facebook. This feature can be used to scroll in the Settings menu as well.

The feature isn’t new to the Note lineup but since it hasn’t been highlighted for the Galaxy Note 8 (there’s no setting to toggle it, either), those who are new to the Note family would only have found out about it by chance.


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akshay roy
akshay roy

I have been using in my note5