Samsung Gallery app update introduces option to hide albums

Samsung has pushed out an update to its Gallery app that brings the ability to hide albums. Samsung’s Android devices already offer a slew of methods to keep your data secret, including Private Mode and Secret Mode, but the new Gallery feature is a simple one that doesn’t involve any passwords or security, or even allow you to hide default albums like the camera and screenshots folders.

Hiding albums is now possible in the Samsung Gallery app

Once you have updated the Gallery app, you can tap the three-dot button on the top right inside the gallery, tap on Hide albums, select the albums that you don’t want to see in the gallery, then finally hit Hide. To bring the hidden albums back, you only need to repeat the procedure that you used for hiding them in the first place. Again, only folders created by third-party apps, such as those by WhatsApp or Instagram, can be hidden, so it seems more of a feature for reducing the clutter inside the gallery rather than something to keep away prying eyes.

Samsung Gallery app updated with ability to hide albums

The update to the Gallery app can be obtained from Galaxy Apps (from the My Apps » Update section found in the Galaxy Apps menu), and it should also show up in the Play Store at some point. The update seems to be available for most devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, although we don’t see it on non-flagships like the Galaxy J7 (2017) just yet. You can still try updating, though, by grabbing the APK file for the latest version of the Gallery app from our APK database.

What do you think of the new Gallery feature?


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Devendra Singh
Devendra Singh

Hey how can I change the sam gallery setting to display all third party folders like downloads, facebook, whatsapp images, whatsapp videos etc. Currently it’s showing only date wise folders inside gallery. I want to change the setting to hide this date wise album creation by default and fix with third party albums as displayed here in this discussion.

Plz let me know how do I change this setting


Why on my s7 edge there is no this update?


“or even allow you to hide default ”
then you say
” Again, only folders created by third-party apps, such as those by WhatsApp or Instagram, can be hidden”
It is mistake.


It’s nice but if you only have one album and hide it, the option to unhide from the 3 dots does not appear.
You have to take a photo or get another album available from the app and then the hide option will reappear. At least that is what happened to me when I’ve tried the new feature…