Samsung hypes up its smartphone displays at the Pixel 2 XL’s expense

If you follow tech news, you might have heard about the Pixel 2 XL’s display problems. Customers have reported issues with viewing angles and display burn-in. That’s hardly the experience you want from a flagship smartphone that costs a pretty penny. Even Google has acknowledged that there are issues and that it’s looking into them.

Samsung has felt that this is an opportune moment to hype up its smartphone displays. The company is a market leader in OLED display production and its panels are in a class of their own. It has posted a new video online which is basically a compilation of top smartphone reviewers singing praises of its display technology.

Samsung’s Smartphone Displays

Some of the top tech reviewers that you find on YouTube are featured in this short 30-second advertisement. The excerpts have been taken from their reviews of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8.

Both flagship smartphones tout the latest in Samsung display technology. The Infinity Display itself is miles ahead of the competition design-wise. It’s on a different level entirely as far as the actual display tech is concerned. The tech reviewers are all in agreement.

This is a subtle jab that Samsung has taken at Google. It goes to show that the company is taking Google’s newfound love for hardware very seriously.

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