Samsung 8nm foundry process development has been completed

Samsung announced earlier this year that it would be adding 8nm process technologies to its existing roadmap. The new process technology will deliver improved performance, scalability and power advantages compared to existing process nodes. It has been confirmed today that the development of the Samsung 8nm foundry process has now been completed.

Samsung today announced that it has completed the development of its 8nm process, based on the second-generation 10nm processor. This low-power process is the first of its kind with Extreme UltraViolet equipment in the logic process to be introduced on Samsung’s advanced foundry roadmap.

Samsung 8nm Foundry Process

The Samsung 8nm foundry process delivers a 10 percent efficiency gain while reducing the area required by 10 percent. It’s suitable for high-performance processors that are required for servers and mining virtual currencies.

“Based on our successful experience in mass production of 10-nano, we have prepared 8-nano process to meet the needs of various markets,” said Lee Sang Hyun, a member of Samsung’s foundry marketing team.

Samsung has also confirmed that it’s working with Qualcomm to develop the 8nm process. The two companies have previously collaborated on Samsung’s 14nm and 10nm processes. Qualcomm says that since the Samsung 8nm foundry process on the tested 10nm process, it will enable a quick ramp-up in production.

Qualcomm will thus be using the 8nm process for some of its early launches next year. Samsung will share more information about the new advanced foundry process at the Samsung Foundry Forum in Munich, Germany today.

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