Deep Sea Blue Galaxy Note 8 now available in Germany

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8 in four colors – Midnight Black, Maple Gold, Deep Sea Blue and Orchid Grey. However, not all options are offered in every market. Customers in Germany were only able to purchase the Galaxy Note 8 in either Midnight Black or Maple Gold initially. Now, the Deep Sea Blue Galaxy Note 8 is also available for purchase in the country.

Deep Sea Blue is a new color option that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy Note 8. It seems like the natural progression of the well-received Coral Blue color that was introduced with the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 last year. It’s a hit with fans as well. In our poll, 42 percent of the participants said they would choose Deep Sea Blue for their Galaxy Note 8.

Deep Sea Blue Galaxy Note 8

Customers in Germany can now head over to Samsung’s online store and purchase the Deep Sea Blue Galaxy Note 8. The color option is available for both single-SIM and dual-SIM models of the handset. It’s priced at 999 euro and will begin shipping to customers on October 26.

Now that this color option is available for purchase in Germany, there’s a good chance that we might see it being offered in other markets across Europe as well. Customers in Europe shouldn’t hold out for the Orchid Grey color. Samsung has already confirmed that it won’t be offered in Europe.

Deep Sea Blue Galaxy Note 8

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Big Dre
Big Dre

When they gone stop with this half color release smh u show 4 colors release 4 colors


3 colours available in Turkey, Gold, Black and and Orchid Grey. My two previous phones were Gold and before that blue, so decided to get black this time, didn’t like Orchid Grey so much.

Horus Osiris