BlackBerry adds new features to SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox

BlackBerry has announced that it’s adding a couple of new features to SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox. The company launched its SecuSUITE enterprise service for Samsung handsets three years ago with the Galaxy S6. It’s developed by BlackBerry’s subsidiary Secusmart and provides an additional layer of security to those who use Samsung’s Knox security suite.

BlackBerry continues to make improvements to SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox to provide secure mobile voice and data communication on smartphones and tablets. Users will now get two new services, SecuVOICE and the BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform.

SecuSUITE For Samsung Knox

The German Federal Administration has been using SecuVOICE to secure its telephone calls for years. This technology is now integrated into SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox. It enables calls to be made in accordance with the SNS standard that has been developed by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

The BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management platform is part of SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox. It provides a complete unified endpoint management and policy control system for enterprise devices.

SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox is now supported on a growing portfolio of Samsung devices which includes the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and the Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Tab S3 tablets are supported as well.



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There is no mention of one vital point in this article.. I’m an enterprise user of Samsung Knox with Secusuite. It’s not a free service, it requires a paid enterprise subscription license and is geared towards enterprise users.. It is not coming to standard single user phones, neither Samsung nor Blackberry. Read the description on the Playstore. Strictly enterprise users. You can download it but you only activate it with a code from your firms network administrator or IT security dept. Your organization must have a licensed Knox enterprise software subscription to use it, and it’s not a small amount… Read more »


Does this require any kind of installation, or will the new features be available through a software upgrade?


I am using a Blackberry phone and would love the security features of this phone. We hope that Samsung will apply the security technology of Blackberry to the Samsung mobile phones for me to choose Samsung.