PSA: LibreLink is no longer compatible with the Galaxy S8

For some strange reason, LibreLink, the popular glucose-monitoring application for Android, is no longer compatible with the Galaxy S8 (and Galaxy S8+). The tool worked when the handset first launched back in April, but has since been disabled by way of an over-the-air maintenance update.

We aren’t sure why exactly Samsung has decided to revoke the required permissions, but some readers believe it has something to do with the handset’s NFC chip not playing nicely with Libre’s FreeStyle glucose sensors. That doesn’t, however, explain why it still works on the Galaxy Note 8.

Sideloading doesn’t work, either

You can’t even sideload the APK. Trust us, we tried. Multiple times. Attempting to do so results in alert appearing, which instructs you to install the application from the Play Store, but seeing as it’s no longer compatible with the Galaxy S8, you can’t—so you get stuck in a vicious loop.

Hopefully compatibility is reinstated soon.

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Is this issue still actual? How about Note 8? Thanks!