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How to encrypt Galaxy Note 8 microSD card to keep data secure

The Galaxy Note 8 comes with 64GB of internal storage. While that’s going to be enough for some users, most users will just pop in a microSD card. If you’re using one, here’s how you encrypt Galaxy Note 8 microSD card. You should certainly do it if you want to keep the data on the card secure.

The data that’s stored on the internal storage is secure as long as your phone is locked. You can secure it using various features, including but not limited to facial and iris recognition. That protection doesn’t extend to the microSD card as it can simply be removed by ejecting the SIM tray. They can then pop it in another device or in a computer and get access to all of your data.

If you encrypt Galaxy Note 8 microSD card, then the data will only be accessible via the phone when it’s unlocked. It will have to be decrypted first before it can be used with another device.

You will not be able to use the microSD card elsewhere before decrypting it on the Galaxy Note 8. Follow the same steps in reverse to decrypt it.

How To Encrypt Galaxy Note 8 MicroSD Card

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your Galaxy Note 8 and tap on Lock screen and security

encrypt Galaxy Note 8 microSD card

Step 2: Scroll down to locate the Encrypt SD Card option

Step 3: Tap Encrypt SD Card to begin the process. If you use one, you will have to enter your password or pattern for the process to begin.

Do keep in mind that encryption can take an hour or more, it depends on how much content is stored on there. Ensure that there’s adequate juice in the battery and keep the device plugged in until the process is complete.

The microSD card can’t be used during the encryption process. If the device is reset to factory default settings, it will be unable to read encrypted microSD cards.

It’s simple enough to encrypt Galaxy Note 8 microSD card but if you face any problems, do ask for help in the comments below. While we’re on the subject, here’s how you move apps to microSD card on Galaxy Note 8.


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remember if you do a factory reset and do not decrypt the SD card before you do so. you will loose everything on the SD card because you have to format it to work again

Ron Josiah

This process not only applies to the Note 8 but also to the Galaxy S8 for some reason the title of this article missed an opportunity to include more Galaxy users.


What if my phone bricked, and microsd encrypted? after format my phone, can i still decrypt the microsd in same phone?


I used SD card encryption on the S8+ and it worked fine for me. But when I decrypted it, most of my files (including over 20gb of music) became unreadable/corrupted. I had to format it again, to use in my Note 8. I was using the 256gb card that Samsung gave away for promotion. Now I’m hesitant on encryption.


Same happened to me last time with Note 2… so now bit skeptical to do encryption again on Note 4 & 8…


Good point but what if I encrypt on phone A and after a while I wanna use the card on phone B? Or I lose phone A and I need to move the card on phone B?


If you lose phone A, wouldn’t you lose the Mirco SD card with it? You’d have to decrypt with the phone you encrypted the card with first if you want to switch phones.


More to the point, when Phone A suddenly bricks itself, and all your photos are stored on the memory card, you’ll be glad you did not encrypt the card.


I guess the point here being more on if you lose your phone. If your photos and other files were that valuable to you, you’d probably have a cloud backup running on those or have backed them up to another device anyway rather than letting them accumulate on your device in the hope nothing will ever go wrong.


once encrypted, can i add or delete file when encrypted?