Samsung reportedly developing an inward-folding smartphone

We’ve heard over the past few years that Samsung is developing a foldable smartphone. It’s believed to be an outward-folding handset. Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about the device but recent reports suggest that it might be out in a few months.

If a new report is to be believed, that’s not the only foldable smartphone that Samsung has in the pipeline. Samsung Electronics and its display affiliate Samsung Display is reportedly working on an inward-folding device with a 3R curvature.

The report also mentions that Samsung’s work on foldable smartphones over the last four to five years has been based on both concepts. Samsung reportedly worked for years on a smartphone that can be folded inward before going in the opposite direction a couple of years ago.

It’s unclear why Samsung has decided to go back to square one and start off again from its initial concept. What that means for the outward-folding handset’s future is also unclear. Will Samsung release the handset we’ve been hearing about or make us all wait a little longer for this inward-folding device?

Only Samsung knows the answers to these questions right now. Hopefully, it will provide more clarity on this in the near future.

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