Samsung starts rolling out Bixby Voice in India

Samsung has finally started rolling out Bixby Voice in India. The South Korean smartphone brand had unveiled its AI-powered digital voice assistant with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but its rollout was delayed. It was first released in South Korea and the US. Later, the company rolled out Bixby Voice for US English speaking consumers in 200 countries across the globe, but it did not include India.

Earlier this month, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8 in India, and it was mentioned during the launch event that Bixby Voice would be rolled out in the country in the next few weeks. Now, the company has finally launched its digital voice in India. When you hit the dedicated Bixby button below the volume buttons, you’ll be prompted to update Bixby after which you’ll be able to use Bixby Voice.

Have a look at the screenshots of Bixby Voice update below.

Thanks for the tip, Deep Desai!


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Any news for 128Gb note8 Launch date in india


And still unavailable in Georgia -__-


Just updated and already started playing with Bixby ?