T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 units may ship earlier than expected

T-Mobile starting taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 on August 24. Like all of Samsung’s carrier and retail partners, it’s supposed to release the handset on September 15. However, it appears that T-Mobile is keeping up its tradition of shipping out pre-ordered units early.

Some customers who pre-ordered a Galaxy Note 8 from T-Mobile have now started receiving text messages from the carrier. The messages confirm that their Galaxy Note 8 order is being packed and that it will ship soon.

The messages are meant to serve as a reminder to customers that their payment cards will be charged once the units ship out. It’s quite possible that T-Mobile customers will receive their units well before September 15.

We’ve seen T-Mobile do this with previous Samsung flagships as well so it’s not surprising. The Galaxy S8 was shipped earlier than its official release date by T-Mobile.

This isn’t something that customers will complain about. No one ever complained about having to wait less for a new flagship smartphone to land at their doorstep.

Those who would rather purchase the handset from a T-Mobile retail store will have to wait until September 15. It’s highly unlikely that the carrier will release the new flagship in its stores across the country before then.

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I preordered the unlocked version from Samsung and wish they would just ship it early, like now!