Galaxy Note 7 owners get a discount on the Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 7 was an absolute disaster for Samsung. The company had to recall the handset twice due to faulty batteries. It eventually saw the writing on the wall and decided to discontinue the handset.

Samsung booked billions in losses due to the Galaxy Note 7. Customers were irked by the recall and refund process as well. The company has since enhanced its battery safety standards to ensure that something like that doesn’t happen again.

Samsung is going to facilitate customers who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 last year but weren’t able to keep it. It’s going to offer them a discount on the Galaxy Note 8.

Those who purchase the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States will be able to trade-in their existing device for a value of up to $425 which can be put towards the purchase of a Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is going to reveal more details about this promotion on its website once pre-orders go live tomorrow. It’s going to release the Galaxy Note 8 globally on September 15.

Samsung may offer a similar promotion to ex-Galaxy Note 7 owners in other countries across the globe. It will become clear in the coming days as the company’s regional divisions come out with more information regarding pricing and availability for different markets across the globe.


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The Note 7 Discount for a Note 8 was a BIG FAT LIE! Refused to Accept my N7 for the Trade-In. *** First of all, it is NOT a discount but a $425 credit for trading in your current phone. I tried to use this ‘discount’ BUT SAMSUNG REFUSED TO ACCEPT MY NOTE 7 FOR A TRADE IN. Yes, I still possess and use my Note 7 daily. AND YES, SAMSUNG SAID MY NOTE 7 CAN’T BE USED FOR THE TRADE IN ON THIS SO-CALLED NOTE 7 DISCOUNT for a Note 8. Isn’t that a big joke? Wait until my… Read more »


I have the galaxy s8 but I still have my S7 edge, do you think I will be able to trade in my S7 edge instead of the S8?


Will I get more off since I ended up getting the s8+. 425 is a bit low in my book.