Galaxy S8 was the world’s best-selling Android smartphone in Q2 2017

Samsung posted record breaking earnings for the second quarter of this year. The company also retained its position as the world’s top smartphone vendor. The Galaxy S8 has helped Samsung in cementing its position in the premium segment of the market.

The latest data from Strategy Analytics shows that the Galaxy S8 was the best-selling Android smartphone in the world this past quarter. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ shipped more than 19 million units combined globally. No other Android smartphone came close to Samsung’s 2017 flagships.

Strategy Analytics estimates that the Galaxy S8 shipped 10.2 million units while the Galaxy S8+ shipped 9.0 million units worldwide in the second quarter of this year. These figures make Samsung’s 2017 flagship the world’s most popular Android smartphone.

The iPhone 7 remained the world’s most popular smartphone overall as it’s estimated to have shipped 16.9 million units, accounting for 5 percent of the global smartphone market share in Q2 2017.

Samsung’s flagships were far ahead of their rivals in the second quarter of this year. Xiaomi was the only other Android OEM to make it on the list.

Its Redmi 4A shipped 5.5 million units globally in Q2 2017 and took the third spot on the list of most popular Android smartphones in the previous quarter.


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that is because nothing is better than s8 on the market and it will continue to be the case for the future especially when all the investments samsung made start to kick into the device and spread it onto mid rangers


So the S8 and S8 +, are the top selling smartphones, so how is the iPhone 7 the top selling smartphone overall seeing as it also has 2 models the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus? The 2 S8 models sold 2.1 million more units than the two iPhone 7 models. We should try to keep the iSheepery out of the Sammobile site.


What we have here is a case of double whammy, one by the author and one by the reader, you. The author gave the shipment numbers for both Samsung models S8 and S8+. For Apple, he/she gave only the number for the IP7. You incorrectly interpreted this as the combined IP7/IP7+ numbers. Also the article only touted the fact that the S8/S8+ were the top selling ANDROID smartphones. (notice the qualifier there?) Here are the actual numbers released by Strategy Analytics. You can see that the combined IP7/IP7+ numbers far exceed S8/S8+ numbers. (I will let you do the math).… Read more »