Samsung remained global smartphone leader in Q2 2017

Samsung retained its lead in the global smartphone market last quarter. The latest data from Strategy Analytics shows that global smartphone shipments rose by 6 percent annually to reach 360 million units. Samsung takes the first spot by accounting for 22 percent of the global smartphone market in Q2 2017.

The numbers from Strategy Analytics show that Samsung shipped 79.5 million smartphones worldwide in the previous quarter. Its shipments saw a 2 percent rise from 77.6 million units during the same period last year.

Samsung’s recovery following the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco last year has clearly had an impact on the numbers. Shipments have also been lifted by robust demand for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ which continues to outsell its predecessor.

The market research firm expects that Samsung’s lead in the global smartphone market will strengthen further when the Galaxy Note 8 is released in a month or so. Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23.

Apple trails Samsung in second place with 41 million units shipping in the previous quarter. Its shipments grew 1 percent annually to an 11 percent worldwide market share in Q2 2017.

Chinese vendors like Oppo and Xiaomi continue to see double digit growth in shipments as they expand their reach to more markets across the globe.

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