Samsung is bringing Tizen to even more home appliances

Samsung has been baking its Tizen operating system into its major home appliances, including refrigerators and televisions, for a while now, but a new report out of South Korea claims that it’s planning on bringing it to small-sized products, like lighting and thermometers, as well.

When you take the firm’s recent release of a SmartThings-enabled Connect Home Wi-Fi hub into account, it becomes apparent that the firm has devised a plan to dominate the smart home market: it’s going to use a universal operating system to ensure that all appliances can talk to each other.

It’s a neat concept for sure, but will it work? Probably not. In order to succeed, Samsung will need to provide third-party manufacturers with an incentive to pre-load Tizen on their products; however, with Android leading the market, there’s little reason for them to make the switch.

The report also notes that using an in-house operating system for future products is a lot more cost-effective for Samsung as it won’t have to pay a substantial amount of royalties to other OS developers (cough, cough, Google, cough) whenever it developers a new appliance.

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nope. samsung is th world’s largest manufacturer itself and there is no dominant player in IOT at the article I read says Samsung is at an advantage and Samsung’s plan is very smart in that it’s not competing against any other becausr it’s not killing them by pushing its own but rather helping others as you can see from’s not pushing any of its apps but google music google map amazon MS that’s why they are suppirting it like google..