Gear S3 frontier update patches major S Voice bug

Samsung released a much-requested update for the Gear S3 frontier on Wednesday. The upgrade has been designed to patch a major bug that resulted in S Voice crashing whenever it was toggled — and from what we can tell, it’s working.

The glitch itself has been running riot since May, which is around the same time the device received a routine maintenance update, leading us to believe a faulty line of code was the reason S Voice was unable to run without breaking down.

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Not all customers were affected by the glitch in the same way, though. Some noticed that the performance of S Voice suffered when asking it to retrieve information from the internet, like a weather forecast, but it never crashed.

It’s all a little strange, but it’s nice to see Samsung release an update to fix the issue. We’re just hoping we don’t have to wait too much longer for it to arrive on all compatible units, seeing as it isn’t showing up in the United Kingdom just yet.

Thanks, Marco! 


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The issue is only affecting the version using US English. UK English, which I use is not affected by the bug. Get your fact straight.


I can’t apply the update because I’m not able to install anything to the watch and I don’t know why… I’m connected through Bluetooth and it has been like this for awhile. Is there another way around?


It downloads directly to your watch. I assume you are in the US, so go to the Gear app on your phone. Then settings- about Gear – Update Gear Software. It should be there. If you’re using UK English there’s no bug so nothing to worry about.