LinkedIn’s content and calendar experience integrated with Bixby

Samsung has worked with LinkedIn to deeply integrate the professional social network with Bixby. The digital assistant on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ now has access to LinkedIn’s content and calendar experience. Users just need to swipe to the right and they will find the LinkedIn content on Bixby home.

Bixby can now show information from LinkedIn that can help users prepare for an upcoming meeting and accomplish their tasks for the day. It will keep them on top of things with details such as who they’re meeting and even bring them the top news of the day.

Prior to a meeting, Bixby will notify users with information about who they will be meeting with through “My Schedule” notifications. It will also share links to their LinkedIn profile which provides other relevant information such as shared connections.

This information will also be displayed for completed meetings under the “LinkedIn: People You Met” section or quick and easy follow-ups. Users can easily access Trending Storylines on LinkedIn so that they’re always in the loop with latest news and perspectives.

Setting up the enhanced LinkedIn integration with Bixby is easy. Just download the LinkedIn app and log in with the account. That’s all Bixby needs to start pulling in content from LinkedIn.



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