Another leak suggests South Korea will get a 256GB Galaxy Note 8 variant

We’ve heard before that Samsung could launch a 256GB storage variant of the Galaxy Note 8 dubbed Galaxy Note 8 Emporer Edition. While there’s no telling if Samsung will go with such a title, it does look like the Note 8 will indeed be offered with 256GB of inbuilt storage. Roland Quandt has tweeted an image of what looks like a listing for the Note 8’s Korean models, and most of them have “256GB” in the model number.

Samsung doesn’t usually name model numbers for different storage options like this, but the source of this information has been known to be accurate in the past. Samsung would do well to release a version with 256GB storage, given the Note lineup is aimed at the power users and professionals, who could do with as much storage out of the box as possible. Not to mention it is also a necessary step to counter the iPhone. The iPhone 7 was launched with 256GB of storage and it’s highly likely the same will be the case for the iPhone 8.

As is usually the case with Samsung, such an off-kilter model will probably be limited to a few markets, with availability expanding at a later stage as and when the company deems fit. A 256GB Galaxy Note 8 model certainly looks to be on the cards, though. Even if availability is limited, we can at least look forward to Samsung making the 128GB model more widely available. You know, unless the 128GB model is replaced by the 256GB version, in which case it could be back to square one for consumers in most markets.

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