Galaxy S8 is outselling the Galaxy S7 by 15 percent, says Samsung’s mobile chief

There has been speculation recently that the Galaxy S8’s sales have stalled. The new flagship was off to a great start when it was released a couple of months back. It broke pre-order records for Samsung and it appeared that the handset was going to be a smash hit for the company.

It was reported over a week ago that the Galaxy S8 was no longer outselling the Galaxy S7. The report actually claimed that the new flagship was lagging the Galaxy S7 in sales. This was surprising, to say the least. The chief of Samsung’s mobile division has now set the record straight.

During his visit to Taiwan last week, president of Samsung’s mobile business DJ Koh revealed that the Galaxy S8 continues to outsell the Galaxy S7. He revealed that combined sales of the Galaxy S8 are 15 percent higher than the Galaxy S7 based on the same number of days that they’ve been out on the market so far.

Koh also predicted that the numbers aren’t going to swing significantly against the Galaxy S8 in the coming months. Samsung expects the momentum for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to continue well into the third and fourth quarters of this year.

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