Galaxy J7 (2017) with dual camera pictured yet again

There’s a lot of confusion these days concerning Samsung’s first dual camera smartphone. It was believed for long that this title would go to the Galaxy Note 8. However, recent developments suggest that the company might release a mid-range handset before the Galaxy Note 8 which might be its first device with a dual camera setup.

The Galaxy J (2017) series was launched several months ago and all variants that are available currently don’t feature a dual camera at the back. However, rumor has it that the Galaxy J7 (2017) variant for China is going to have the advanced camera system.

Earlier this week we came across some pictures of this variant (SM-J7310) which revealed that the handset will have a vertical dual camera system. It’s too soon to say if this is really what’s going to hit the market in China or if it’s just a prototype.

It could very well be a prototype. Samsung was rumored to introduce a dual camera system with the Galaxy S8 as well. While that didn’t happen, we’ve seen a couple of prototypes of the Galaxy S8+ with a dual camera.

A couple of new images have now surfaced online. They show off the Galaxy J7 (2017) with its vertical dual camera system. As previously mentioned, it can’t be ascertained at this point in time if what we’re seeing is merely a prototype or the real deal.

It’s unclear if and when Samsung is going to unveil this handset in China.

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