Themes Thursday: Take a look at this week’s six new best themes

We’re back with another episode of Themes Thursday, and we’ve shortlisted six new themes for you this week. Most of the themes listed here have a brighter UI and well-designed icons. However, all of them are paid theme packs, and if Samsung still doesn’t allow downloading paid themes in your country, you won’t be able to see or download them.

Starting off with the two brilliant theme packs from designer Binod, the OreoUI theme has a darker-colored interface, while the PandimUI theme has a brighter interface, and both feature AoD wallpapers. The [WHL] Geometry theme is our favorite from this week, thanks to well-designed, simple iconography and a great-looking wallpaper.

Benqing and Benyue theme packs look great too. If you like colorful themes (or if you love Paris or France) for your Galaxy smartphone, check out the Bastille Day Celebrations (Animated) theme. Which theme did you like the most out of the ones that are listed below? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Binod] OreoUI | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] OreoUI

[Binod] PandimUI | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] PandimUI

[WHL] Geometry | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [WHL] Geometry

Bastille Day Celebrations (Animated) | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Bastille Day Celebrations (Animated)

Benqing | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Benqing

Benyue | Paid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Benyue


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It’s a shame that paid themes aren’t available on my country…


Use vpn to change your location