Themes Thursday: A whopping 425 new themes released; here are the best ones

We’re back with Themes Thursday, a weekly feature where we showcase the best new themes for Samsung smartphones. A whopping 425 new theme packs have been released in the Theme Store for Galaxy smartphones, and we’ve shortlisted a few themes that you might want to check out.

Out of the five themes that we’ve shortlisted, two can be installed for free, and they look good too. So, if you’re someone who’s downloading a theme pack on a Galaxy devices for the first time, you can know to which extent themes can change the look of the UI.

The Spicy-Noodles and Cute Raincoat themes have minimalistic designs. If you’re a surfer, you should check out the Surfing theme. All these themes don’t cost more than $2.5, so you’re getting good worth for your money. Which new themes did you like from this week?

[Kendi] Android O Black
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Android O Black

[WoOS_Design] Spicy_Noodles (Live)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [WoOS_Design] Spicy_Noodles (Live)

Cute Raincoat (AOD/Iris)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Cute Raincoat (AOD:Iris) - THENEW

Samsung Galaxy Theme - Sober

Samsung Galaxy Theme - Surfing


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