Samsung’s new infographic shows how Knox completely secures your digital life

Samsung’s mobile security suite Knox now comes with almost every mid-range and high-end Galaxy smartphone. When it was first introduced, Knox was meant for keeping safe corporate data, but the South Korean smartphone giant added more features and extended it for normal consumers. Now, the company has released an infographic that showcases how Knox secures all facets of our digital lives.

Knox is a multi-level security solution where it is integrated into the hardware as well as software of a device. It works at three levels: chipset, operating system, and apps to protect the data from intrusion, malware, viruses, and any such threats. Knox can be used to keep personal and professional data separate, and the data can only by accessed by your biometric information such as fingerprint or iris.

Knox also keeps safe your credit and debit card information as well as Samsung Pay transactions. You can also save your website login details using Samsung Pass, a new feature that was released with the Galaxy Note 7. The security suite also offers a way for corporates to completely tailor a Galaxy device according to their needs using its Mobile Device Management (MDM) features.

Samsung KNOX Usecase Infographic

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