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Samsung partners with BuzzFeed and NowThis to deliver more 360-degree video content

After partnering with X Games and Live Nation to deliver 360-degree live streaming of extreme sports and music concerts, Samsung has announced that it has partnered with BuzzFeed and NowThis to deliver more engaging and immersive 360-degree content, thereby extending its lead in the virtual reality market. BuzzFeed and NowThis will create 360-degree content, ranging from simple how-to videos to breaking news.

These publications will use the newly released Gear 360 camera, which can shoot in 4K resolution, to publish more 360-degree videos on Facebook, Samsung VR, and YouTube. Samsung hopes that it can shape a new era of content consumption and journalism, thanks to its new partnerships. The company thinks that the upcoming 360-degree content will inspire consumers to create and share their own 360-degree moments.

Our 360-degree and virtual reality technologies enable more interactive storytelling to help consumers gain a deeper understanding of the world. These partnerships are a testament to our dedication to reimagining the way moments are captured and shared, and making these immersive experiences accessible to more consumers,” said Younghee Lee, CMO and Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics.

We’re excited to partner with Samsung to give our audience engaging, social 360-degree video content. Samsung’s 360-degree technology will enable BuzzFeed to use our ‘test and learn’ strategy to unlock new kinds of shareable content, while learning more about how audiences are consuming and using it,” said Matthew Henick, Head of Development, BuzzFeed.

We’ve seen a ton of success with our millennial audience delivering the content they want, on the platforms they want, and in the formats they want. Integrating Samsung’s 360-degree technology allows us to take our storytelling capabilities a step further and give our audience a deeper look into places and experiences they might not otherwise see, through the NowThis lens,” said Christian Tom, Publisher, NowThis.


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Great. Samsung partnering with fake news.




BOOO! BuzzFeed is the worst media outlet out there.