Samsung Internet review: Samsung’s browser is fast, efficient, and packed with features

Samsung ships its Galaxy smartphones and tablets with its versions of stock apps. The company’s custom offerings include some basic apps such as calculator, calendar, clock, and gallery to some more advanced apps such as the camera, an email client, and a web browser. Many Android purists criticize Samsung for bundling custom apps with its phones, but more often than not, these custom apps offer more functionality and better performance than stock Android apps. Today, we’ll have a look at the web browser that comes bundled with Galaxy phones: Samsung Internet. It has been a part of the company’s devices since the Galaxy S, but we’ve never really paid much attention to it. But since a lot of people use it, we decided to take a look at it on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

The Samsung Internet web browser is based on the latest open source Chromium web engine, and it comes with a lot of features that are missing on Google’s Chrome web browser. For starters, you can easily save webpages for viewing them offline later, a feature that’s hard to locate in Google Chrome. There’s also better browsing history data. Apart from showing you a list of browsed webpages like every other browser does, Samsung Internet shows you a segregated history of watched videos and downloaded files. This comes in handy. For example, you can quickly show any video to your friend that you were watching earlier by visiting the video history. There’s no built-in data saver feature, though, something that people use in markets where cellular data is costly.

Samsung Internet Review - 01

Let’s talk about the most important part, which is web browsing performance. In my experience, Samsung’s web browser is faster and more efficient than Google Chrome, which many people prefer. It’s also more responsive, especially on a Samsung smartphone. When I compared it with Google Chrome on the same device, it tended to keep more webpages in memory, which resulted in less frequent webpage reloads. There’s also an option for extensions like ad blockers and QR Code scanners. You can download an advertisement blocker from the Galaxy Store and configure it accordingly. I missed Google Chrome for its built-in language translator, though. There’s no such feature in Samsung Internet.

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Additional options include a private mode that can be secured and accessed using biometrics like iris or fingerprints. Similar to Google Chrome, Samsung Internet can remember login and payment credentials using Samsung Pass, with enhanced security (it works with iris and fingerprints on the Galaxy S8 and S8+). If you use Google Chrome on your smartphone just because your bookmarks can be in sync with Chrome on your desktop, Samsung Internet has you covered. A Chrome extension keeps your bookmarks in sync between your desktop and your Galaxy device. It doesn’t sync history with Chrome, though. The built-in video assistant extension allows changing video modes, screen rotation, and an option to cast videos to nearby displays.

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If you have multiple Galaxy smartphones and tablets, you can pick up the webpage that you left on one device and start reading it on another. You’ll have to be logged in to your Samsung account on both the devices, though, and you also miss out on doing the same on a PC as there is no Samsung Internet app for desktop operating systems. As opposed to Google Chrome, the navigation (back and forward), tabs browser, home, and bookmarks buttons are at the bottom of the app, so they’re easily accessible. You can also use left and right swipe gestures on the bottom bar to navigate between active tabs in the browser. Last but not the least, Samsung Internet supports VR and 360-degree content, so you can watch such immersive content on your Gear VR with a compatible smartphone.

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Overall, I think that the Samsung Internet web browser offers much more than competing apps like Google Chrome, and it is faster and more responsive at the same time. It even works on Google Nexus and Pixel devices. Samsung keeps adding more features, but unobtrusively. The only feature that I missed from Chrome is automatic language translation. Since I have to keep watching a lot of foreign websites for breaking news, such a feature is handy for me. Otherwise, Samsung Internet is a great web browser, especially if you use multiple Samsung devices (like a phone and tablet). If for some reason you haven’t used Samsung’s web browser yet, we advise you to check it out.

What do you think of the Samsung Internet browser? Is it your default browser, or do you use Chrome and have never given a thought to Samsung Internet? Do let us know in the comments!


Pros Cons
Faster and more efficient than Google Chrome Chrome extension does’t sync history
Ad blocker, QR code scanner, other extensions No built-in data saver feature
Automatic and secure login using Samsung Pass No language translator
Better browsing history with segregation Samsung Pass setup is an additional step for password sync
Bookmark sync with Google Chrome desktop No Samsung browser for desktop, so no sync between PC and phone
Gestures for navigation
Support for VR and 360-degree content
Dedicated video assistant extension

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Ishan Rishminda
21 days 9 hours ago

The best browser that i’ve ever used.. still using it.. and will use it foreva….

22 days 2 hours ago

I’ve been using Samsung’s default browser since the beginning, as far back as my i437p, because I found it more friendly than what Chrome has offered.
Now I’m using Samsung Internet Beta and it’s basically the same as the stock version, but it sees updates more frequently as it is after all, Beta.
Not a fan of Chrome browser. It just comes up lacking after having used Samsung’s Internet browser for so long.

22 days 3 hours ago

I just know i can switch tab by swiping on address bar (upper screen) and browser action bar (below screen)!!!
No need tap button on lower right of sceen, select other tab.

22 days 8 hours ago

This should sync your browsing history between Samsung Internet and Google Chrome on desktop if you are signed into Samsung Cloud.

22 days 11 hours ago

What I hate is when you click on a link, but just before your finger hits the screen the page has moved because another element loaded. So you have to go back, and the game starts again. Jump the gun and the same thing can happen again. It is hugely annoying.

The page should be kept anchored to the screen whilst elements load above and below. Obviously if an element loads within the screen space things have to move, but not when it is stuff above or below the screen.

A Sweaty Womble
22 days 2 hours ago

Damn right it’s hugely annoying. The amount of times I’ve gone to click on one thing and ended up clicking on a penis enlargement ad is just ridiculous.

Arman Ali
22 days 13 hours ago

Plz include data saving option. That’s the one reason I’m using Opera.

22 days 23 hours ago

Well, it was – at least until the last major update a week or so ago … since then, it just goes the Samsung way “way, way, down …” …

23 days 2 hours ago

Want it have option to not auto zooming / resizing web page, very difficult to browse if some site using many script, even tap on empty area it will auto zoom.

22 days 2 hours ago

Try the Beta version. The quick menu button has a few options that the Std version offers. Among them, a Manual Zoom setting.

23 days 3 hours ago

Samsung and fast/efficient cannot be in the same phrase HAHAHAHAH
Sad i’m experiencing that even on a SU
Very sad

23 days 4 hours ago

So bad with no pull to refresh*:/

23 days 4 hours ago

I agree. I am using Samsung browser on Nexus 4 as well as Galaxy S5 with Cyanogemod 13. I really like its functions and speed. Even if I get other device than Samsung, which will most likely be OnePlus 5, I would use Samsung browser.

Owen Stanton
23 days 5 hours ago

Great article, I have never even though about using the Samsung browser as I thought it was shit like other bloatware, i always went for Chrome. Need more articles like this!

23 days 4 hours ago

Yes, it’s something we should have done long ago. As far as bloatware is concerned, the Samsung browser was leaps ahead in performance back when the original Galaxy S was on the market, as it used hardware acceleration for webpage rendering at a time when Android itself didn’t support hardware acceleration across the UI, and it was the fastest browser back then. But Chrome’s sync support and Google’s backing meant Chrome become much more popular, haha.

23 days 4 hours ago

Even now Samsung’s browser has greater performance, which also includes smoother browsing and it’s quite noticeable.

23 days 6 hours ago

Samsung’s browser is ironically better than Chrome though it’s using Chromium Kernel.

23 days 7 hours ago

All i try it this is the best, only in mate 9 i had to use chrome, but in samsung don’t use other, to see my series and movies, video assistant is the best.

23 days 8 hours ago

I love this browser. The only thing I wish it had was Reader Mode like the iPhone does. That is really the only feature I miss from iOS.

23 days 8 hours ago

Pros – Hide Status Bar = Full Screen view :)

23 days 8 hours ago

One more con:- It doesn’t have “read-only” or “text-only” mode; neither built-in nor supported by any extension. Microsoft’s Edge has it built-in. I hope they release it on Android.

19 days 5 hours ago

Edit: It does have that feature but only works for few webpages.

23 days 8 hours ago

calculator on the S8/S8+ is not basic lol it had unit converter.

23 days 8 hours ago

Yes, we meant custom versions of basic apps like calculator. The app itself might have advanced functions, but it’s a basic app in the grand scheme of things, haha.