Video shows Samsung’s stretchable OLED display in action

Samsung unveiled the world’s first stretchable OLED display at the Society for Information Display 2017 in Los Angeles. The company says that it’s a unique display because it can bend in both directions. It’s unlike flexible panels that Samsung has shown off in the past that can only bend in one direction.

The company has claimed that its stretchable OLED display can be stretched by up to 12 millimeters when pressure is applied without losing a high degree of resolution. A 9.1-inch version of this display was showcased at SID 2017 last week.

Samsung Display has now posted a video on its official YouTube channel which shows the stretchable display in action. We can see that when the screen is pressed from above, it depresses like a rubber balloon and returns to its original flat shape. There’s enough elasticity in the panel to recover even when it’s stretched up or down.

The company says that it has developed this new technology with a high level of scalability with the ability to maintain original image quality which increasing the screen to a depth of up to 12mm when pressed. Samsung sees practical applications for this display in wearable, Internet of Things, automotive and artificial intelligence markets.


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