Samsung says the Galaxy S8 is selling twice as fast as the Galaxy S7

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on March 29 and then released the new flagship in select markets across the globe on April 21. The initial response from customers has been good.

Samsung was able to bring in more than one million pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 in its home country of South Korea which was a new record for the company. It has now revealed that the Galaxy S8 is selling twice as fast as the Galaxy S7 in South Korea.

The company has confirmed that ever since it launched the Galaxy S8 in South Korea on April 21, it has sold more than one million units of the handset.

“The phone’s predecessors S6 and S7 hit the 1 million mark in 75 and 74 days since their launch, respectively. The S8 is selling almost two times faster than that,” a Samsung official said.

Samsung has seen a similar response from customers across the globe who really have taken a liking to its new flagship device. The company recently revealed that global shipments of the Galaxy S8 have exceeded 10 million units since launch.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to break all previous flagship sales records for Samsung even though the handset is slightly more expensive than its predecessors.


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To be fair, Galaxy S8’s performance may vary between Snapdragon and Exynos. This would be based on Exynos variant, which is not available here in Canada. Why Samsung couldn’t make S8 more unified like Apple’s iPhone? Like how iPhone 7 only has A10 as its sole processor, Samsung seriously should use Exynos as its exclusive proccessor for flagship devices. Mid-range or low-end models can have Snapdragon, and Flagship and high-end models should have Exynos for equal performance. Here in Canada for same money, I would get Galaxy S8 with lower performance than global variant. It’s unfair.


Rightfully so, the S8+ is an amazing phone.