Daily Deal: Save 21% on a Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

For a limited time only, you can snag yourself a Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand for just $39.39 (21% off). Don’t let its name fool you, though. This charger isn’t only compatible with Quick Charge-enabled devices, it also supports regular charging speeds on non-Samsung Qi-enabled handsets.

Review: Samsung fast wireless charging stand makes charging very convenient

If you’re in the market for a Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand, aren’t fussed about having the latest one on the market and want to take advantage of this deal, tap the Buy Now button below. Amazon only has a limited amount of inventory available though, so you’ll probably want to act fast.


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Please people do not buy these – tired them before and had an issue direct from Samsung, bought them direct from Amazon two this time, we have an S6, S7 and S8 in the household so handy and overcomes the USB C difference. Anyway for whatever reason, a quick Google confirmed a long standing issue, the charger goes into a pause charging mode, so you can leave it on, blue light shows all is well, phone is sat correctly, return few hours alter or the morning and zero charging !!!!!!!!!! Tested with both chargers, using my genuine fast charger and… Read more »


Gold color is bit cheaper