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Samsung unveiled its new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus, last month. Both smartphones feature near bezel-less Infinity Displays, a faster processor, improved cameras, a newer user interface, and an AI-powered digital assistant Bixby.

We tested both these smartphones over the past couple of weeks, and published our in-depth review a little while ago. However, if you want to listen to our experience with these new devices in a short time, you should watch our video review of the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Check it out below:

Must Read Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ review: Samsung brings us the future, but it's not perfect yet

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6 months 10 hours ago

Very nice review, thanks for time i bothered will do more often.

Only problem is i have the S7E and the closing suggestion is don’t bother upgrading, my S8+ should get delivered tomorrow will try and see.

6 months 1 day ago

Got my text today. I am getting phone tomorrow (Wednesday) Direct from Samsung

6 months 11 hours ago

im jealous. My card still haven’t been charged