Samsung’s In-Traffic Reply app will help drivers keep their attention on the road and not their phone

Samsung Netherlands has created a new app called In-Traffic Reply which is going to help drivers keep their attention on the road and not on their phones. Using your phone while you’re behind the wheel can be very dangerous. You might think that it’ll only take a few seconds to check that message or read what your friend just tweeted, but those few seconds can quickly prove to be fatal if you take your eyes off the road.

PanelWizard conducted a survey which found that one-third of the road users in the Netherlands have used their smartphone behind the wheel. In most situations, they felt social pressure to answer calls and reply to messages immediately. Samsung wants to bring down this statistic.

Samsung Netherlands has created the In-Traffic Reply app which will automatically know when the user is in the car or on a bike. When the app is enabled, it can reply to incoming calls and messages with a standard response that says “I’m sitting in traffic, so I can not answer at this time.” The automatic reply can also be customized to be a funny animation or the user’s custom message.

The In-Traffic Reply app is currently available in beta and those who are interested in trying it out can sign up for the beta on the Google Play Store. It will be officially launched next month.


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