Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro gets April security patch in India

Just two days after the device went on sale in the country, the Galaxy C7 Pro is getting its first software update in India. The update is a small one (35 MB) that brings the security updates for the month of March, putting the security level at April 1. The C7 Pro is among the first Samsung devices to be getting the latest security patch, and you can see details of what the patch entails here.

The Galaxy C7 Pro is the second Galaxy C smartphone to be made available in India, with the first being the C9 Pro. We liked the C9 Pro, even though we thought it could do with improvements, and we’ll take a good close look at the C7 Pro in our coming review to see how it fares compares to the C9 Pro. For now, if you have the C7 Pro, head into the Settings » Software update menu to download the update.




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So, how about the same security updates for not-that-old flagships like the S7 Edge?

x M a L i K x
x M a L i K x

I know right still on February patch On my S7 edge. The update policy need a massive change !!