Galaxy S8 launcher rearranges home screen icons with a tap to make up for the large display

Those tall screens on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ may make for striking visual appeal, but they are no doubt going to need some getting used to for pretty much every customer out there. Features like one-handed mode are sure to come in handy, and Samsung has also made an interesting change in the same vein on the TouchWiz launcher.

With a single tap, you can make the shortcuts on a home screen automatically arrange themselves at the upper or lower part of the home screen, depending on where you want them. Naturally, having all icons in the lower part of the home screen would be better suited for easier access, especially when you are using the Galaxy S8 or S8+ (especially the S8+) with a single hand. Arranging the icons on top puts them on the top left of the display, while arranging them at the bottom will align them to the bottom right portion. Selecting either arrangement removes your custom arrangement of icons if you have one.

This is one of many minor yet rather useful changes we have discovered on the Galaxy S8, and you can bet our review will detail everything there is to know about the device, including those gigantic (yet narrow) displays are in real-life usage.


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Apparently “hiding apps” is also making a comeback.

Since many applications can’t be uninstalled or disabled, at least they are out of sight… now that disabling apps from ADB is no longer possible 🙁