Samsung will completely disable Galaxy Note 7 battery charging later this month

It has taken Samsung a lot of time to retrieve all Galaxy Note 7 units that were sent out after it decided to discontinue the product due to repeated incidents of the battery catching fire. The company’s thorough investigation into the matter revealed that significant battery defects were to blame. Almost 97 percent of the units sold in South Korea have been retrieved so far and the company is not going to wait any longer for those who have still not returned their units.

Samsung has confirmed today that it’s going to send out a software update later this month which will completely disable battery charging on the Galaxy Note 7. The only way users will be able to use the handset after this update is by keeping it plugged into the wall at all times.

The company has already released a similar update in markets like the United States where the last few remaining units were effectively taken out of circulation by disabling the ability to charge the battery. Another method Samsung adopted in certain countries was to work with mobile carriers to shut off mobile network access to the Galaxy Note 7.

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