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Get your daily weather forecast in virtual reality with AccuWeather for Gear VR

A globally renowned name in weather information, AccuWeather, has released an app for the Samsung Gear VR which lets users experience and interact with 360-degree video content, weather information and updates in a way they’ve never experienced it before.

Since the app leverages virtual reality, it puts users “in the middle of the action,” as the company says. They will get access to exclusive AccuWeather 360-degree videos for severe weather events in the app including a close view of a tornado in Wray, Colorado. AccuWeather will add new videos weekly to ensure that there’s always fresh content available.

Users can also get all of the information that they would expect from an AccuWeather app such as current weather conditions, daily and hourly forecasts, information about wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, dew point, severe weather alerts and more.

You obviously won’t be using this app when you’re about to step out of the house and want a quick peek at the conditions since it involves fumbling around with a smartphone and a headset. Nevertheless, it’s a good addition to the growing list of VR-compatible apps for the Gear VR.

The AccuWeather – Weather for Life app can now be downloaded from the Oculus Store.



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