Themes Thursday: Nine new themes worth looking at

Welcome to Themes Thursday! Just like any other week, Samsung has released dozens of free and paid theme packs for compatible Galaxy smartphones in its Theme Store. However, to save you from the burden of checking all the new themes, we’ve tried to select some of the good looking themes that you might like.

The Blue Neon Machine and the Orange Neon Machine themes are great for those who like dark themes with striking color combinations. I quite liked the [Kendi] Hydro OS and the [PIXOME] My Desk (LIVE!) themes. Other themes listed below are good looking too, and might suit the needs of a lot of readers. Which themes did you like?

[aire] Blue Neon Machine (LIVE)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [aire] Blue Neon Machine (LIVE)

[aire] Orange Neon Machine (LIVE)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [aire] Orange Neon Machine (LIVE)

[Binod] DarkCityUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] DarkCityUI

[Binod] WarHeroUI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Binod] WarHeroUI

[Kendi] Hydro OS
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Hydro OS

[PIXOME] My Desk (LIVE!)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [PIXOME] My Desk (LIVE!)

Lax UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Lax UI

Lonely Mermaid
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Lonely Mermaid

Romantic City & MOH (Live & AOD)
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Romantic City & MOH (Live & AOD)


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I must say Erebos is a nice theme.


Many thanks for the appreciation mate 🙂


Nice choice… glad to see my Lax UI among the nine. Sadly there was no Theme Thursday last week or else my Erebos and Knox UI would had made it too, they both were featured and top themes last week in the store. Never mind thanks a ton for the recognition editor Asif S.