Galaxy S8 with 6GB RAM will reportedly be launched in China only

All of the reports that we’ve seen about the Galaxy S8 specs so far suggest that the handset is going to feature 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. However, multiple reports have also suggested that there will be a variant of the new flagship with 6GB RAM. The research director of IHS for China Kevin Wong suggests that this particular variant will only be launched in China.

We’ve heard this before as well. Samsung wants to take part in the numbers race because many local manufacturers in China are already selling phones with 6GB of RAM. It has already launched the Galaxy C9 Pro with 6GB RAM in the country so it won’t be surprising if the company launches a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage variant of the Galaxy S8 in the People’s Republic.

More RAM doesn’t necessarily translate into better performance so Galaxy S8 owners across the globe shouldn’t feel that they’ve been handed a less capable smartphone. Samsung’s primary reason to do this might just be to ensure that its new smartphone doesn’t get overshadowed by the competition.


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Frank Magowan
2 days 10 hours ago

I can only hope that more RAM in the Chinese version translates into a higher price tag and less battery life. If that’s the case, I’ll be happy with the U.S. version. Of course, I won’t have a Chinese version to see if that increase in RAM makes significant performance difference or not.

11 days 5 hours ago

If samsung does such dishonarable thing. I won’t buy it. Even tough I’m a fan

10 days 6 hours ago

I hate this, I hate when Samsung does this shit, I hate the whole exynos snapdragon thing (the thing is the s6 and note 5 didn’t have 2 models why go back to hell samsung). Why can’t they be like the pixel, one device the only difference outside is the bands. Software is same no regions etc. I hate you Samsung.

10 days 4 hours ago

i hate to say this but the iphone has it all and even Global Bands

11 days 15 hours ago

So i’ll never buy it till Samsung Respect us and match us with China …. There is OnePlus and OPPO will offered 128GB/ 6GB RAM or even higher to the world so the Competition isn’t in china Alone now

12 days 1 hour ago

People who buys from China if something goes wrong with your phone they won’t fix it in your country by Samsung you’ve got to send it back to country where it’s been purchased So beware. Only buy it where you live unlocked version from Samsung.

12 days 5 hours ago

Of course. Why would Samsung want to loose the money their customers would cough out again next year for an “upgraded” S9 with 6 GB RAM once they feel that their S8 with just 4 GB RAM they bought last year has gone obsolete ?

Petsiotis Dimitris
12 days 6 hours ago

Or you can just search on Google for the Chinese version and buy it.

11 days 16 hours ago

Chinese version will never has Google play it is forbidden there so it is worthless they have their own Chinese Market ….just don’t buy it till they respect us and match us with Chinese

12 days 9 hours ago

you know what this is bulls*it move from Samsung. either you guys at Samsung launches the 6 GB ram model worldwide or just launch it in 4GB ram worldwide + china. this is a stupid move made by Samsung if they think only china will get more ram

12 days 9 hours ago

It’s because Chinese manufacturers are making 6GB RAM phones, so in China that’s becoming the new standard, much like MP isn’t everything in camera phones, RAM isn’t everything when it comes to performance. It’ll obviously cost more than the 4GB version but there are next to no phones in the West that have 6GB RAM. it will be nice to see it of course, but specifically in China because people are no longer seeing 4GB as flagship standard, the way people see 720p or even 1080p displays as no longer flagship standard

12 days 3 hours ago

Good think chinese manufacturers are starting to do worldwide releases then.

12 days 10 hours ago

Because on average people in China are more intelligent and for them the actual performance to price ratio is more important than brand name :))

12 days 10 hours ago

If 6 gb ram doesnt tarnslate to better performance then why the f**k they are giving it in china even !?

12 days 10 hours ago

Why not 16GB Ram an 1TB internal storage? ;-)

12 days 5 hours ago

Give it another 2 years.

12 days 11 hours ago

Do they only have competition in china. Id like to see performce data compsrisons… getti g fed up in uk…we always get worst deals…..and pay more

12 days 4 hours ago

Yes, the competition in China is very fierce. There are a lot of manufacturers, not only Xiaomi or Huawei … that’s the ones of which the rest of the world hears about, but there are a lot of manufacturers; and in most cases, they can compete in manufacturing quality with any other company we hear about because they are the ones who make the phones we know too; they copy it down to the manufacturing process if they want, but exactly that’s the reason why they can’t sell outside China; they would get sued for copying in the blink of an eye. Of course they can’t clone software that easily, but not software specs are on the box anyway.
Had chinese phones in front of me from unknown brands, which could compete in look and feel with the S7 any day … specs were a bit lower, but otherwise superb.
The problem is, exactly the removal of features will kill Samsung in the end, since everyone knows how to package a standard SoC nowadays and slap a nice case on it. So unless you do something to keep your customers, nothing good will happen. Brand loyalty comes with the brand (branding = something which makes it distinguished from others), and if that is lacking – the Samsung name won’t mean too much in a few years.

12 days 9 hours ago

I agree, even at today’s crap conversion rates, companies are still keeping prices up, we’re likely to pay around £80 more for the S8 than the US

12 days 9 hours ago

I don’t like it but I can understand that. The British pound is going to fall even more so companies are just protecting themselves against that for the near future.

12 days 12 hours ago

But why. Only China :@

12 days 11 hours ago

Because outside China is going to sell anyway. You don’t like it? Don’t buy it. In time, they will learn.

12 days 12 hours ago

Because in a market they need to grow they will boast, and in markets, where people just pay their insane prices without thinking too much about it, they will save money, as much as possible (same goes why they usually put in markets where they sell a lot of parts the Snapdragon versions, instead of their own Exynos, which requires more external hardware, so less profit); the prices will be most likely the same – it is only about profit margin.

12 days 12 hours ago

because samsung is retarted?