Samsung Exynos may or may not be teasing dual rear cameras for the Galaxy S8

Samsung’s Exynos account has just sent out a tweet that could be taken as a hint that the Galaxy S8 could feature dual cameras at the back. Yes, it would seem impossible given all the images of the Galaxy S8 that have leaked in the last couple of weeks showing only a singe rear camera, but could it be that the device seen in the leaks is not the final version of Samsung’s upcoming flagship?

A lot has been revealed about the Galaxy S8 in recent days, and we certainly would have heard something about a dual camera if it is making its way to the Galaxy S8. We should also consider the fact that the fingerprint sensor on the back would leave no place for a second camera module, and unless Samsung has managed to fool us with leaks of a prototype S8 that won’t be the final product, it seems unlikely that there will be two cameras at the rear.

Samsung Exynos is most likely just showing off that the Exynos 8895 supports dual cameras (thanks to the dual built-in image signal processors) as it also has tweets talking about other features of the 8895. It is still suspicious, however, as the only manufacturer other than Samsung that uses Exynos chips is Meizu, although it could simply mean that Samsung is now trying to woo other OEMs by highlighting the Exynos 8895’s support for a feature that has seen a huge demand in the smartphone industry.

What do you think? Are you still holding on to hope that the S8 will have two cameras at the back?

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