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Here are some more images of the new Gear VR’s wireless controller

Samsung’s new Gear VR headset comes bundled with a wireless controller, and it was unveiled at MWC 2017 earlier this week. However, Samsung released only a single image of the controller. If you wanted to look at the controller’s design, Engadget managed to go hands-on with it and click its pictures from all the angles.

The wireless controller, which has been developed in collaboration with Oculus, features an accelerometer and a gyro to track movements. It also has a circular clickable touchpad, navigation buttons, and volume keys on the front. There’s also a trigger button which can be used for shooting and other actions in VR games and apps. It uses two AAA batteries.

Samsung Gear VR - Wireless Controller - 03

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If it’s going to be a software upgrade to the phone to allow the use of the controller, maybe it’s only necessary to get a controller and use the present headset??