Galaxy S7 Secure Folder app surfaces, it works! [APK]

Samsung introduced the Secure Folder feature with the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 last year. It’s a protected folder in which users can store files, media, documents, contacts and other personal content completely separate from all of the other content on their device. The Secure Folder does not open until the user authenticates their identity using the fingerprint scanner.

Samsung confirmed last year when it was running the Galaxy Beta Program for the Galaxy S7 that it would release the Galaxy S7 Secure Folder as a downloadable service after Nougat was released. The company started rolling out Nougat for the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge last month and now the Galaxy S7 Secure Folder app has surfaced online. We’ve tried it out and it works! You even get a quick toggle for Secure Folder in the notification shade.

The Secure Folder app is now available for download from our APK page, bear in mind that your handset needs to be running Nougat in order for it to work. You won’t find a listing for this app on the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps right now because it appears that Samsung hasn’t released it publicly as yet. However, now that a build of the Secure Folder app for Galaxy S7 is floating online, it may not be that long before Samsung officially releases it.



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