These are the extensive tests Samsung runs on its smartphones

A lot of questions were raised about the quality assurance processes at Samsung when the Galaxy Note 7 debacle happened last year. They were legitimate questions since a flagship product was combusting at will and it’s a miracle that nobody was seriously hurt. Samsung has been trying to regain consumer confidence in its products by highlighting the different processes it has in place to ensure the quality of its products.

It took a step in the right direction a few weeks back when it once again apologized for the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and provided us with a good look at all of the tests it conducted on the device to find out exactly what went wrong. The company has now posted a video on its YouTube channel which features the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge and highlights some of the tests that its smartphones go through before they’re deemed fit for release.

Everything from how the devices perform in drop tests to how well they survive underwater is tested and then retested. The devices are also put through extreme cold and hot temperatures to gauge the limits to which they can be pushed. They go through physical stress beyond what they would normally experience as well.

All of this is meant to highlight that Samsung takes quality assurance seriously and that consumers should not have any lingering doubts about its commitment to quality.

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