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Some Galaxy Note 7 owners will continue legal fight against Samsung


Last updated: February 7th, 2017 at 10:13 UTC+02:00

Samsung has put the Galaxy Note 7 debacle behind it as it has already spent billions of dollars on the refund and exchange program and it has also concluded its investigation into the root cause of the fires. The company blamed battery defects and its report has been backed up by an independent laboratory run by the government of South Korea. However, a group of five Galaxy Note 7 owners in South Korea who filed a law suit against the company say that they will continue the legal fight with Samsung as they claim the company accused them of making false claims about the smartphone.

“The situation is favorable for the plaintiffs as it turns out that the Note 7 fires and explosions were caused by faulty batteries,” said a Harvest Law Office official, representing the five consumers in this lawsuit, it has also been pointed out that they have no plan for a settlement at the moment. The five claim that staffers from Samsung’s customer service centers called them “frauds” and accused them of seeking monetary compensation by making false claims about the Galaxy Note 7.

They decided to take legal action against Samsung because they thought the company was trying to pass the buck to customers for the fire. The five then filed separate complaints against Samsung for compensation at the Seoul Central District Court, also claiming that the company harmed their reputation by branding them as frauds.

This isn’t the only lawsuit related to the Galaxy Note 7 that Samsung is having to deal with. Different groups of customers have filed multiple lawsuits in South Korea and abroad as they seek monetary compensation from Samsung. The first trial in this particular case is expected to take place in the first half of this year.

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