Samsung’s new initiative aims to eradicate color blindness

Color blindness is a serious issue. Generally known as Color Vision Deficiency or CVD, nearly 300 million people are affected by it. Samsung has collaborated with Hungarian company Colorlite on an app called #SeeColors, which will use its groundbreaking tech used on color correction glasses.

The app is also available for smartphones in addition to Tizen-based Smart TVs, so it can reach a wide range of affected people out there. The app works by first ascertaining the level and extent of CVD a user has. This data is then used to calibrate the television as per the needs of the user.

The mobile app is currently available in the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Apps store in Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. It comes preinstalled on Samsung’s 2016 SUHD televisions.

This is part of Samsung’s 2013 campaign known as “Launching People”, which aims to enhance people’s lives.

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can’t you put this app in your apk library?