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Samsung Drive VR content will be used to train novice drivers in Austria

Distracted driving is bad, very bad. A study conducted by the Austrian automobile association reveals that in 2015, 76 percent of distracted drivers could not stop in time to avoid obstacles or accidents. To better teach novice drivers against the dangers of distracted driving and possible road scenarios, Samsung Austria has created a new app called Drive VR which will be used to teach novice drivers all of that in a safe and virtual environment.

The Samsung Drive app for the Gear VR will teach novices how quickly an accident can take place when they’re distracted behind the wheel and what consequences it can have. The VR experience will also walk them through some dangerous road situations. Viewers will feel as if they’re sitting behind the wheel while they get to experience this in a safe environment.

It has also been confirmed that the Samsung Gear VR and Samsung Drive app will be used in the Austrian automobile association’s driving technology centers starting this summer. Novice drivers will be taught through additional VR training videos on other road safety subjects as well. More than 15,000 people are expected to take driving courses powered by VR content annually.


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Very practical application. Excellent!