Samsung invests in Israeli dual-camera manufacturing company

Samsung takes camera tech very seriously. As per a new Korean report, Samsung has invested in a firm called Core Photonics. Based in Israel, this company is known for its dual-camera modules. This, however, does not indicate that the company is going to launch a new dual-camera smartphone anytime soon, especially since it’s common knowledge that the Galaxy S8 will use a single lens camera.

However, with the rest of the year still pretty wide open for the company, we could see multiple devices equipped with this particular camera module. Samsung makes several investments in key sectors that could prove to be beneficial in the future.

So this particular investment does not necessarily indicate that the results will be visible right away. Perhaps we could see a dual camera module on the Galaxy Note 8, or the fold-out display handset that is expected to launch by Q3 2017. It is said that the likes of Apple, Foxconn, MediaTek and Samsung have collectively invested a total of $15 million in Core Photonics recently.


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Martin R.
Martin R.

THREAD CLEANED GUYS. SamMobile isn’t the place to discuss these things, I’m sorry if I offended someone. Yet this could spin out of control faster that you say Samsung. This is a tech site please keep it on the subject.


Moderators must view this section now before everything turns into chaos


Sadly this would mean that there will be no Dual Camera Setup for the S8, if Samsung didn’t developed one by itself. I am really hoping for a Dual Camera on the S8. An Amazing Option would be one with 12/13MP f1,6 for low light photography and the other one with about 16MP and 2 x optical zoom (for more Details) for good light conditions. All in all the Galaxy S7 still beats even the iPhone 7 plus in photography, so it wouldn’t matter so much, because Samsung is going to improve the camera of the Galaxy S8. I just… Read more »


Sadly? Why? Dual lens cameras are not necessarily better than single lens. They are different , in approach , yes.
They are trending, yes, but other than that, it all boils down to two things :
1. Sensors
2. Software.

I should also add lenses but in mobile world, this one is tricky.

So let’s wait to see what SAMSUNG will bring to S8 before we comment.