[Poll Results!] On-screen navigation keys on the Galaxy S8: Yay or nay?

Samsung tends to use capacitive buttons on its smartphones not only for convenience but to constantly recreate the rounded-bottom, centralized home button appearance that people usually associate with its devices. However, there’s a rumor being bandied about suggesting that the firm may switch things up with the much-anticipated Galaxy S8.

Word on the street has it that the Galaxy S8 and its larger variant, the Galaxy S8 Plus, will both sport on-screen navigation keys. Personally, I’m not too keen on the idea. I love having the facility to quickly open the camera by double tapping the home button on my handset. Although, I’d quite like to see extra space used to improve hardware.

By eliminating the traditional physical buttons and repositioning the internals, Samsung has a canvas to bundle a bigger battery or maybe even reduce the width of the bezels on its next flagship smartphone. The harsh reality is that phsycial keys take up too much space, and sooner or later they’ll be phased out — so why not start now?

We’d love to know your thoughts on the matter, so be sure to cast a vote in the dedicated poll below and drop a comment in the section at the bottom of the page to elaborate on your response. Let’s get a conversation going! As usual, I’ll be responding to comments submitted on Facebook and Twitter.

Poll results: It’s clear that the majority of voters (45%) would rather Samsung opted for physical keys on the Galaxy S8, while 30% would prefer to see the introduction of on-screen navigation buttons. The minority (25%) aren’t phased by the decision and will be happy to use either method of navigation.

On-screen navigation keys on the Galaxy S8: Yay or nay?

  • No, I'd much rather have physical keys. (45%, 1,278 Votes)
  • Yes, I prefer them to physical keys. (30%, 842 Votes)
  • It doesn't bother me. Both are good. (25%, 715 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,835

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4 months 25 days ago

Its rare that you find a phone with physical buttons except Samsung and I really like being able to swap out of a full screen app with a tap of a button. its actually a lot quicker than swiping in the app/game (possibly messing up the game in the process) waiting for the animation of it to arrive for you to then be able to tap home or recent apps. I can see the appeal of a full screen phone and on screen buttons because accidentally pressing back and recent apps is a very real problem

4 months 25 days ago

I prefer physical keys but I can exchange them for bezelless display with the fingerprint scanner underneath.

4 months 25 days ago

I’m currently using on screen buttons on the LG V20. It’s not intrusive at all, and leaves more room to customize. I personally wouldn’t care either way. Whatever improves the overall design.

4 months 25 days ago

If they will build a phone with a full display with bezel-free like some concepts from Youtube and a fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen then on screen buttons are welcome to S8 otherwise are useless and ugly ;)

4 months 25 days ago

On screen buttons are to intrusive for me. So i say ney.

4 months 25 days ago

Of course no. Physical keys are the most useful one.

4 months 25 days ago

Both physical and on screen is ok for me.
My previous Samsung tab is on screen, now using Samsung phone, both have good and bad, but if tab i prefer on screen, i can smash home if apps hang without worry physical key damage.

4 months 25 days ago

As long as they dont compromise finger scan quality ( not 2d like optical etc, it must be 3d like ultrasonic by qualcomm in mi5s ), any type of keys are good for us..

4 months 26 days ago

Pretty surprised at the majority who voted for physical keys, despite me being one of them!

4 months 25 days ago

Definitely surprising that physical keys are the majority vote. I guess people are just used to them, but on-screen is the future and offers way more customization. Plus you get more screen space with onscreen buttons and even more screen space when in immersive mode.