Daily Deal: Buy a new Gear VR for the New Year in just $60

Throughout the entire year we’ve brought you some fantastic deals on Samsung products as part of our Daily Deal program. This is going to be our last deal for 2016 and it’s a good one, particularly if you’ve been meaning to try out Samsung’s virtual reality headset. If you have been on the fence about picking one up, head over to Amazon right now and buy a new Gear VR for the New Year in just $60.

The Gear VR 2016 (SM-R323) is compatible with the Galaxy S6 series, the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge as well as the Galaxy Note 5. It’s marginally better than its predecessor and is also a bit more comfortable to wear. You obviously need one of the handsets mentioned above if you want to experience VR with this headset. The Gear VR 2016 normally retails for $99.99 but it’s available for a limited time only for $60. Go on, buy yourself a New Years present.


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Great story, BUT there’s one SMALL detail left out.
This deal is NOT AVAILABLE IN THE U.S….only the “international version”.
The US version is STILL $99 on Amazon…..


It says $70 today, Prime eligible.


BUT NOT IN THE UNITED STATES….ONLY the international version is marked down.