[Updated] Samsung sending out another Nougat beta for the Galaxy S7 edge

Following last week’s Nougat beta update for the Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung has now started sending out another update for the smartphone with some minor stability enhancements on board. The update is currently being sent out in the UK and South Korea; the changelog doesn’t show too many changes, so don’t expect any shiny new features here.

However, it is specified that the update fixes the intermittent rebooting issue, which we have faced on our handsets at SamMobile. As usual, this particular update is only sent out to the customers who are members of the Galaxy Beta program. This is a closed beta-testing program designed to weed out any flaws with pre-release software before a widespread commercial release. For more details on Nougat for the Galaxy S7 edge, check out our What’s New With Nougat series, and feel free to let us know should you find anything substantially different or new with the latest beta.

Update: One noticeable change in the new beta is transparency for notifications on the lockscreen, which means your wallpaper will always be visible no matter how many notifications you might have. Furthermore, the update is also available for the regular Galaxy S7 according to one of our readers, so do keep an eye out for it if you are taking part in the beta program.




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22 days 12 hours ago

Plz rolling out NOUGAT s7 edge (sm-g935fd)INDIA.

22 days 22 hours ago

SM-G930V (Verizon S7) has a server error.

23 days 13 minutes ago

Where do i get that wallpaper? :O its awesome!

23 days 52 minutes ago

Your that gmail notification may have contain some sensitive info , right ? You should change it.

23 days 3 hours ago

Galaxy S6 wend can I expect to receive the update to nougat?

23 days 3 hours ago

There is never an expected date. The update will come when Samsung finishes development.

23 days 5 hours ago

android vrsion 8 will be released soon. taking long enough to get androd 7 for my supposedly flagship s7 edge

23 days 4 hours ago

Epic Lol! Android 8 will only be released by September/October 2017.

23 days 4 hours ago


23 days 4 hours ago

When I left Samsung last time for an Win phone, i promised myself NEVER Samsung again..
And what do I got now?!?!? S7 edge :-P What do i want? Nougat!!!!! and when do we get it??? Ehhh business as usual, who knows :-P

23 days 4 hours ago

Be patient and u will never regret i’m a beta tester and it deserves to wait but there is a lot of bugs and they r making 7.1.1 no other oem work on 7.1.1 except Samsung

23 days 5 hours ago

Guys … can i use beta program and install android7 on my phone in iran ?

23 days 5 hours ago


23 days 6 hours ago

Device Maintenance widget still not working properly, not displaying the amount of ram and memory in use.

23 days 5 hours ago

Delete it then make it again

23 days 6 hours ago

S7 Flat (SM-G930F) also got the update